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Fun on the Farms

These past two weeks we have been selling our syrup at two local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

Farms in Northfield, MN: Spring Wind Farm and Open Hands Farm. The response has been overwhelming to say the least!! I would just like to say that CSA members are the best! :) I, along with my tiny baby Fox, have had a blast getting to meet, greet and supply samples for all of the good people of these CSAs. I'm potentially biased, but I feel we have an AMAZING product and I feel so honored that many of the members feel the same way. I have only one day left of selling on the farm and am already lamenting not being able to be a part of it all season long! Thank you for taking the time to sample and chat about syrup! Thank you for making the choice to purchase our syrup for your family and friends!! A special shout out to Spring Wind Farm and Open Hands Farm for graciously letting us become a part of their world for a week!

Fun Fact: Our syrup was purchased as a gift to be sent to Peru and the UK!

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