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Enchanted Woods

100% Pure Wood-Fired Maple Syrup

-   ABOUT US  -

Enchanted Woods is a small scale, 100% pure wood-fired maple syrup operation located in south eastern Minnesota.  More specifically we are located in Nerstrand, MN - a small town with a population of 299 and most notable for the Nerstrand Big Woods State Park.

We currently have around 350 taps and use the bucket system, emptying each bucket by hand almost everyday of the sapping season!  The sap is first poured through a cloth to eliminate any debris.  It is then boiled in a large flat pan over a wood-fire.  Stove pipes are used to funnel away the smoke from the boiling sap.  After boiling for many hours and achieving proper temperature and density, the finished syrup is then put through a filter press machine to ensure the syrup reaches maximum clarity.  It is then bottled, sealed and ready to go!

Enchanted Woods is comprised of two members: Aaron Ray and Molly Woods.  Molly grew up in the Nerstrand area and Aaron is originally from Indiana.  Both Molly and Aaron are graduates of St. Olaf College.  After residing in other places around the country and globe, Molly and Aaron were connected through a mutual friend, moved back to southern MN and now have two little boys! (hopefully they'll both gain a love for sapping, as they both already have a strong love for maple syrup!!)  

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