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Syruping for Sanity.

Dear friends, to say these last few weeks have been surreal would be like the biggest understatement of my life. When we tapped our trees this year, things didn't seem so out of control. There was a lot of snow still on the ground and that was our biggest concern. I'd love to be concerned about too much snow on the ground again.

As it turns out being out in the middle of the woods is about the safest place you can be! We tap our trees on my parent's property so we all had to be on board that we were going to go no contact so we could still see my parents and they could see us! Luckily we all feel equally as determined to not go into public.

It has been a great syrup season so far! Usually we tap and it runs for a week and then we have this major freeze and we're twiddling our thumbs for 2 weeks. Not the case! We have been busy pretty much everyday dumping and boiling (rinse, repeat). I couldn't be more thankful. It takes up lots of time and our life still feels quite normal as this is what we would be doing anyway!

The kids get to look forward to going to grandma and grandpa's house everyday. Aaron gets to spend hours on end boiling and listening to podcasts. I get to go out in the woods, drive the four wheeler and dump our 300+ buckets. Sometimes I complain that syrup season is dragging on, but this year I think I'll hope for four more weeks.

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